MCH Consulting Services


media relations

Media relations is the cornerstone of public relations. The past 20 years have seen a huge shift in the media landscape with the rise of citizen journalism and the 24 hour live news cycle.  To us, media relations includes digital, blogger and social media for a true through-the-line approach to media management.


Copywriting includes writing campaign materials for a variety of platforms, penning by-lined articles, annual reports or marketing collateral. We ensure all materials are in the brand's tone, suited to the audience, are fully edited and on time to meet deadlines.

New Product launches and integrated campaigns

Whether launching a new car model, brand of skincare,  or business service to a niche industry, we can assist in creating a cohesive campaign with real and measurable results. We develop innovative and unique launches  and can offer scale proposals to suit every budget. 

experiential campaigns 

We have been involved in award-winning experiential campaigns that resonate with our clients' audiences, achieving outstanding results and exceeding expectations. From creating pop-up hair salons in Sydney's CBD to running national teachers competitions for stationery suppliers we know how to make bold ideas come to life. Contact us for more examples of the work we have done.

Event management

We have experience of organising corporate and consumer events including exclusive C-Suite conferences through to public parades for thousands of visitors  through Sydney's CBD. Whatever the budget or timing, we have a suite of suppliers to cater for every need. 

Crisis and issues strategy and management

Managing a crisis requires sensitivity and understanding of the environment to minimise the impact of the issue. We work with organisations from the outset, building a crisis communications plan based on an audit, and are there to manage any future issues as they arise.

video content management 

We work with a variety of video production companies to bring your brand's content requirements to life. Our through-the-line approach includes scripting, talent management and working with the videography team from concept to post-production. 

print and design management

We have a firm understanding of print and design management principles that save time and money, so that you are making the most of your budget. Our suppliers are specialists in their fields and provide consistent quality regular and off-set print services, from brochures to bespoke signage. We will recommend a supplier to suit every need and budget based on each campaign completed, and are more than happy to work with your own suppliers if requested.